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Fairview Mall Dental Centre

Our office is conveniently located in the 3rd floor inside FAIRVIEW MALL; we serve the Greater Toronto Area with high quality, advanced technology, and incredible family and cosmetic dentistry.

We are always happy to accept new patients and emergencies, Please call us at 416-491-1100 or request an appointment online.

We believe good oral health is a state of well-being; we focus on addressing each individual’s dental health needs.

Community Education is important and Dr. Zogby takes pride in educating her local community in proper dental hygiene.

We use illustrative devices to walk the patient step by step through their problems and offer best solutions to maintain their beautiful and healthy smile for their lifetime.

Dr. Rana Zogby, practices a full scope of family and cosmetic dentistry for patients of all ages. She performs several specialized and generalized procedures with great competency.

Dr. Rana Zogby can literally redesign your smile into a natural attractive smile. She listens to patients needs and treats them with care and respect in a very comfortable environment. Please check our cosmetic gallery to see examples of Dr. Zogby’s work.

Call us at 416-491-1100

General & Cosmetic Dentistry in Toronto /Ontario

General & Cosmetic dentistry can give you a smile you’re happy to show off. Modern cosmetic dentistry techniques make it easier than ever for you to have a bright, hollywood smile.

Dr. Zogby can give you the smile you want using:

Dental Implants in Toronto:

Dental implants are a fantastic way to replace missing teeth. The beauty of Dental implants is that they replace missing teeth without touching the surrounding teeth. They look natural, and patients tend to forget they are in their mouth. Another critical advantage of dental implants over other methods of replacing teeth is that they preserve the jaw bone which ultimately preserve the support for the facial skin. People who have dental implants get their confidence back and behave socially in a superior fashion. Dental implants allow people to speak properly, laugh unconditionally and eat any type of food without limitations.

For more information about dental implants or to schedule a consultation appointment, call our office in Toronto, Ontario at 416-491-1100.

Dr. Rana Zogby has completed a one year intensive residency in implant placements and restorations (Ontario Implant Ti-Maxicourse) 2012.

Dr. Zogby is now an ASSOCIATE FELLOW at AAID ( American Academy of Implant Dentistry).

Conscious Sedation:

Dentistry while asleep is offered at Fairview Mall Dental Centre since 2007. Dr. Zogby perfoms complete smile makeover while the patient is in a relaxed and comfortable state. Patients who undergo conscious sedation will not remember what took place during the entire procedure. This is meant to be used for fearful and nervous patients. If you have avoided the dentist because you are afraid then sedation dentistry is the answer to your problem.

Dr. Rana Zogby has completed General Practise Residency in North Carolina 2003 and DOCS course in Toronto 2007 with full preparation of performing conscious sedation on wide range of patients.

Invisalign (clear braces) GTA:

Clear braces are great solutions to close gaps, correct crowding, correct relapse from previous orthodontic treatment. The beauty about invisalign that your teeth move into proper position without people noticing you are wearing braces, they are invisible. Dr. Zogby is a Preferred Provider of Invisalign and welcomes new patients. If interested, call 416-491-1100 for Invisalign consultation. In fact Dr. Zogby is currently having Invisalign done on herself!

Soft tissue laser dentisty:

Laser dentistry is an amazing technology that has wide range of applications. Dr. Zogby is now using laser as part of her crown preparation which reduces the need for anesthesia. She uses laser to correct gummy smiles and to perform frenectomies. Laser is a great treatment choice for canker sores and cold sores which should eliminate their re-occurance. Laser is also used to perform biopsies with a very quick healing. Now at Fairview Mall Denal Centre, the hygienist is using laser therapy to address gum disease. If you want healthy gum and top notch technology dentist call us at 416-491-1100.

Digital technology

At Fairview Mall Dental Dental centre, we use state of the art technology. Digital intraoral x-rays and Planmeca digital panorex machine are used. We use digital intra-oral and extra-oral cameras to show patients photos of problem areas. We also use a Laser digital devise (Diognodent) to diagnose decay at very early stage which allows us to fix it without using anesthesia.

If you are looking for a dentist Toronto or a dentist North York , Dr. Rana Zogby is the one you should see inside Fairview Mall in professional floor.