Laser Treatment for Cold Sores FAQ

Quick and Pain-Free Cold Sore Treatment

No more cold sore embarrassment with laser treatmentCold sores are bothersome, painful, and often a source of self-consciousness. In the past, patients had to wait for the sores to resolve on their own. However, with today’s advanced laser treatments, you no longer have to wait for relief! There is something that can be done about it right now.

What are cold sores?

Cold sores are lesions that typically appear on the lips. They are the result of an outbreak of the Herpes simplex virus in your system. The virus is very common and most often lies dormant. However, from time to time, it will present as “cold sores.” These sores usually last from 10 days to two weeks, if left untreated.

Are cold sores contagious?

Herpes simplex virus is contagious and can be contracted through oral contact during an outbreak. It can even be passed along from mother to baby during pregnancy.

Is there a cure?

While there is no cure for the virus, there are ways to treat it. Laser treatment is the newest, fastest, and least painful option!

Does this laser treatment hurt?

The laser does not actually touch your skin, and the procedure is painless and requires no anesthetics.

How does laser treatment of cold sores work?

We use a precision laser to kill the virus located within the sore, avoiding unnecessary aggravation of healthy tissue and thus allowing your body to heal faster. It is even possible for us to stop the cold sore before it develops fully. If you get a tingly sensation in the lips and the sense that a cold sore is coming on, call us for an appointment. We can treat the area before the outbreak happens. There is evidence that if we treat a cold sore with laser twice it will be less like to get it again in that same spot.

What should I expect?

The Laser Treatment of Cold Sores:

  • Takes just a few minutes
  • Is pain-free
  • We do not need to pre-freeze the area
  • Encourages your body’s natural healing process
  • Produces fast results

Does my dental insurance pay for this laser treatment?

There is a dental code that your dentist uses and most of the time it is covered by your dental insurance but you can always ask our financial co-ordinator to send an estimate for you to the insurance to find out.

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